Client Spotlight: Diva Pops!

Orlando, FL:  On a family outing in November 2013 at a community event in Atlanta, GA is where the inspiration to start this company began.   The event was donating food for the homeless for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  One of the contest at the event was a “Popsicle Eating” contest and promoters made it aware that the popsicles were made with all-natural ingredients.  The owners tried the all-natural popsicles and were very impressed with the taste and the concept.  They were so impressed with the health and nutritional value of the popsicles they decided to start Diva Pops!  

The company’s mission is to promote proper nutrition and a healthy snack alternative while having a great mouthwatering experience doing so.  They use fresh locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs, organic cane sugar and non-dairy milks (Almond, Soy, and Coconut).  All pops are “Vegan-Friendly.”  Diva Pops prides themselves on never using any artificial flavorings, colorings, or preservatives in their pops.

All of Diva Pop’s popsicles are handcrafted from scratch and made in small batches.

Check out their website!

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