Client Spotlight: Everyday Events

Tampa, FL:  Amy and Morris Adams are the owners of Everyday Events.  Both former restaurant owners have a vast  knowledge of food and an understanding of how to make events successful.   The team loves catering and the best part they say is “doing it together!” They pride their company on having fresh products, years of experience and a personable staff.

The company serves simple foods like burgers and hotdogs straight off their 8-foot portable grill or classic more complex entrees like baked ziti or mojo pork.

If you need concession services or an event catered by friendly, reliable professionals EVERYDAY EVENTS is the right choice!

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Meet YOUR team: Tampa

Tampa, FL:    When Kristin Witts was just seven years old, she informed her father that she was going to “make donuts” after a tour of Lone Star Donuts in Dallas, Texas.

In high school, Witts made a business plan for Kristi Creepers Cookies.  While in college at Florida State University, Witts pursued her love for cooking and started catering under Annella Schomberger.  Schomberger was a former Governors’ Mansion,  General Manager.  Between Schomberger and Chef Carl Suber,  Witts learned the incredible mixtures of Southern Georgia and the traditions of Old Tallahassee.  After leaving Tallahassee, she moved to Birmingham, AL to work for Sysco Food Company as a marketing sales representative.  The company transferred Witts to Clearwater, FL where she eventually gave birth to two baby boys and continued to cater events.  Shortly after she opened “Catered Two” (currently named Two Smart Kookies) a family owned and run company with her mother.  Witts went on to work for NOVA 535, as an Event Coordinator then Panera Bread Corp as a Catering Coordinator and Trainer.  May 2015, Witts was able to open her own Your Pro Kitchen store in South Tampa.

She says she is blessed for the diversity in her food background and happy to continue her love for the business by providing an easy start up for others.

Client Spotlight: Whole Body Fuel

Tampa, FL:   Founder and owner of Whole Body Fuel, Brian Adamo started his culinary career about twenty years ago while helping his mother raise livestock and tend a vegetable garden on their small farm in New York. It was there that he learned the integrity of raising animals as food and growing vegetables.  Adamo takes pride in using ancient methods of cooking, pickling and preserving for the best food.  Whole Body Fuel is a chef owned and operated food delivery service, offering weeklong meals.  Chef Adamo–a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in the Hudson Valley–curates a weekly menu of delicious farm-to-table meals, using the finest, hand-picked local ingredients.  Adamo believes there is no reason to sacrifice quality, taste or freshness for convenience.  His meals are optimal if you’re seeking convenience, weight loss or optimal nutrition.

Each week chef/owner Brian Adamo creates a new menu, inspired by the freshest local ingredients and the whole nutrition they provide.

Check out this week’s menu and order here!

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Welcome to Your Kitchen: Maison de Nora

Tampa, FL:  Your Pro Kitchen would like to welcome our newest client Maison de Nora to our Tampa store!

Peter and Jill Stilton recently decided to bring back a historic family recipe for the masses.  Maison de Nora chocolate has been in the family since 1922.   Grandmother Nora P. Wolfson (pictured below) was the original inventor of the fudge sauce recipe which was a hit in the early 1930’s.  She sold the sauce and cookies to famous hotels like the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach.  The sauce was reintroduced in the 1980’s by her grandson and began selling at retail stores like Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and B. Altman’s.  In addition, the sauce was sold at a number of collection stores and gourmet shops throughout the United States.  Tampa was even on board offering the delicious treat at the Florida gift shop at Tampa International Airport.

After years, the historic fudge and cookies were reintroduced to the market by Nora’s grandchildren the Stilton’s in the fall of 2014.    Once again it’s being made available for the masses.

Order world-famous fudge today!


Welcome to Your Kitchen: The Sweet Tooth Cakery

Tampa, FL:  Your Pro Kitchen would like to welcome our newest client The Sweet Tooth Cakery to our Tampa store!

Pamela Wethers (pictured below) founded The Sweet Tooth Cakery in early 2011.  Her “hobby” quickly turned into a thriving business based on the principles of quality, “cakemanship” and service.  She’s a firm believer in making the imaginable come true and always recommends dessert first, dinner later.

The Sweet Tooth Cakery pursues the craft of custom cakes and baked goodness. We believe in sweet reality, beautiful displays and memorable moments.  To us, it’s more than just cake.  It’s the perfect accompaniment to your celebration or milestone.  Our wish is a perfect cake, every time.