Client Spotlight: La Cocina de Myrna

Largo, FL: La Cocina de Myrna Inc. bakes artisan bread with no preservatives, cupcakes and custom cakes for all occasions.  Their recipes are made from scratch and they use the freshest ingredients on the market.

La Cocina de Myrna provides services to customers for their weddings, sweet sixteens, birthdays and showers. For these special events, they deliver their handmade products to their customers.

Myrna Sanabria Lopez and her husband Jorge Alameda co-own the business.  Chef Myrna has been in business for more than 3 years, but baking for 10 years. Her original business name was Myrna’s Heavenly Delights, but it was recently changed to La Cocina de Myrna Inc. to provide a wider range of services including baking artisanal bread.

La Cocina de Myrna Inc. began on October 1st, 2015.  Chef Myrna, the head baker, calls herself a “homemade chef” because she never studied in culinary school.  Instead, she gained all her knowledge over the years with lots of trial and error.  Cooking and baking have always been Chef Myrna’s passion. She started to gain interest in cooking and baking at a young age, watching her mother who worked in a restaurant. When she was in high school, she followed in her mother’s footsteps, working in a restaurant as well. When she moved to Florida, she started taking baking and cake decorating classes.  Over time she continued improving her skills to include the latest trends in the market.  What started as a hobby, quickly became a business, La Cocina de Myrna Inc.

Find more information about La Cocina de Myrna Inc. on their website here or their Facebook page here


Pink Cake

Pink Cake with Crown


Chef Myrna

Frozen cake

Frozen Cake

Cupcakes and cakes

15th birthday cake

white cake

Gift Box shaped cake

Client Spotlight: East Coast Catering

Largo, FL:  Chris Hinkle, Owner of East Cost Catering, LLC, has always had a flair for food. He began in the food service industry with his first job after having spent years helping his mother prepare delicious meals. Hinkle gained experience in various kitchens, learning all aspects of food preparation and meal planning.  His drive to serve excellent dishes, along with his entrepreneurial spirit, led him to create East Coast Catering.

East Coast Catering specializes in creating gourmet delights to please any palate.  Hinkle will plan, prepare and deliver all your meal needs for your business.  In addition, he can provide catering services for any event, large or small.

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Client Spotlight: Paleo on the Go

Largo, FL:  Dave Rohde is the Founder and CEO of Paleo on the Go, LLC.  Rohde chose to live a paleo lifestyle after experiencing many years of suffering severe allergic reactions and other various ailments.  In February of 2012, he started his company, Paleo on the Go in hopes of reaching out to as many people as possible who may be unnecessarily suffering like he had for so many years; to help as many people as possible improve their health and weight; and to provide the best tasting, healthiest, most convenient food possible.

The company is a frozen food meal delivery service.  It’s won awards for best paleo meal delivery two years in a row.  With a variety of menu options to choose from the food caters to people interested in living a paleo lifestyle, following Auto-Immune Protocol, doing Strict 30 or the 21 day sugar detox.

Log on for convenient paleo meal delivery today!

elk-burger grassfed-beef-bone-broth sweet-and-sour-chicken eggplant-chicken-stack-marinara

Client Spotlight: Casey’s Cookies

Largo, FL:  Casey’s Cookies started in June of 2010 with a mission to train and employ the disabled to bake and sell cookies online.  Casey’s parents founded the company after witnessing first-hand that there were few opportunities beyond high school for physically and developmentally disabled children.  Drawing upon their online business experience they created the 501c3 not-for-profit online company.   Casey’s Cookies now employs an Executive Director, a Kitchen Manager and three disabled young adults, including Casey who has a love for great cookies.  

The founders of Casey’s Cookies want everyone to understand that mentally disabled adults, like all of us, want most to work in an environment that is safe, family oriented, and intellectually stimulating.  Each Casey’s Cookies employee is given a task for the day.  The tasks may be mixing, “scooping” or cleaning the dishes and pans.  What each employee has in common is a sense of pride in their accomplishments.  Carefully screened volunteers work with each disabled adult to be sure all health and safety procedures are followed and they offer a ‘gloved’ hand when needed.196375_197822040249819_1762283_n 26655_487415831290437_1505402524_n198260_197821903583166_4796353_n229937_487415914623762_993410871_n200223_197821983583158_299508_n318112_384607724904582_1469384577_n

Try one of the many flavors Casey’s Cookies has to offer today!

Meet YOUR Team: Owner/Founder

In 2008, Cindy Pickering, Founder and Owner of Your Pro Kitchen developed the first shared kitchen and culinary incubator concept out of need.

When Pickering started her own salsa business, she ran into the same issues that many other “foodpreneures” face.  She needed a commercial kitchen and space for her growing business.  She set out determined to quickly build her own kitchen in order to keep up with the demands of her growing salsa business.  As word spread about Pickering’s fully certified, inspected kitchen other foodpreneures ask to share space in the new area.   They soon began renting.  Pickering’s vision and desire to help others succeed in the food business without the expense and hassle she faced gave her the idea of a shared kitchen concept.  Soon after selling the salsa business, Your Pro Kitchen was developed.  It was the first government inspected and certified kitchen of it’s kind in the area and an opportunity for start up food business owners and budding entrepreneurs.

Pickering’s background in media (Fox Television, NBC Television, Clear Channel Media, Tampa Tribune and NHL team, Tampa Bay Lightning ) has helped her develop the food incubator portion of Your Pro Kitchen.  In addition to helping foodpreneures start a their business, she also aids with marketing tips.  Her background is helpful and often relied upon by clients needing to know how to market their products to retail or wholesale outlets.

As Pickering opened her first kitchen, a 2,000 square feet location in Largo FL, she was faced with expanding  to accommodate the overwhelming response of people in need.  Since 2008, Pickering has expanded the Largo location four times and is now operating a total of 11,500 square feet.  To her surprise some clients were driving four hours away just to use the space.  She then realized the need reached outside of the Tampa/St. Petersburg market.   Catering to that need the Your Pro Kitchen franchise began in early 2012.   The first Your Pro Kitchen franchise was sold in 2012 and opened in Naples, FL in 2013.

To date Pickering has opened six franchises throughout Florida and is working on several more.  Her vision now expands to growing the franchise on a national level.   The steps are already beginning to form on that venture as she prepares to open franchise kitchens in Dallas TX, Akron OH, and Sacramento CA very soon.

Pickering is a mother and grandmother of seven grand children ranging from eighteen-years old to two-years old. She was born and raised on a farm in Brandon, Florida.

Pickering is very active in her community supporting and promoting local business owners.  Your Pro Kitchen is a major sponsor for Keep Saint Pete Local and the Best Buddies program.  Pickering is very passionate and “Pay It Forward” is her motto.  She definitely stands by her belief to help others.

Cindy Pickering taking a moment to pose with volunteer chefs from Casey’s Cookies.
Cindy Caseys Cookies
Cindy Pickering helping the owner of Couerisma with a coconut oil delivery.
Cindy Couerisma