Client Spotlight: The Nourished Spoon

Orlando, FL:  Kelli Ehrhard, Owner and Founder of The Nourished Spoon knows first hand how time consuming it is to make everything from scratch and how frustrating it is to go looking for truly healthy food that actually tastes good. That’s the reason her goal is to simplify lives by providing snacks, meals, and desserts that have the taste of comfort food and the integrity of only the finest nourishing ingredients.  The company is proud to be able to say that every menu item is gluten free, grain free and made without refined sugars.

The Nourished Spoon The Nourished Spoon The Nourished Spoon The Nourished Spoon


Client Spotlight: Twisted Fork

Naples, FL:  Founders of the Twisted Fork believe that life can be better every single day through small choices made toward a healthier lifestyle.  The company makes delicious food that’s convenient and customized for all taste buds and lifestyles.  They cater to everyone no matter the concern: weight loss, kids, athletic performance, dietary limitations, illness or pregnancy, the company’s promise is to cater to YOU!  Ordering from Twisted Fork is a simple way to give your body the nutrients you need to live your best life.

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Client Spotlight: S’mores 2 Go

Tampa, FL:  Hunter Potalivo creator and founder of S’mores 2 Go believes in giving you the ability to purchase a convenient grab and go s’mores kit including everything needed for two delicious s’more sandwiches and “The Marshmallow Stick” the Ideal marshmallow stick! Potalivo first experienced a s’more at the early age of four years old. Camping became a way of life during the two months off from school every year.  His mother, Gretchen, would pack Potalivo, the family rotwieler and some friends in the minivan and head off from Key West, Florida into the continental United States. Stopping at every land mark to camp in an uninhabited wooded area they could find.   Potalivo was always given the honor of the designated marshmallow sticks finder when it came time to make the s’mores.  Once the ideal stick was found in the woods, he took pride in carving it down into something of a piece of art ready for roasting. The ideal width and length, combined with the ideal tip made for a superior, bragging rights worthy marshmallow stick.

So 11 years later, that same creative childhood imagination I had back in the day kicked in for the creation of “S’mores 2 Go.”  Potalivo graduated from college with a Hospitality Management degree and found himself in Bar Harbor, Maine after school. In charge of outdoor activities, including the children’s camp, he immediately thought back to what he loved as a kid and the first thing that popped into my mind was roasting marshmallows by a fire making s’mores with mom, so that’s what he did!  He bought a fire pit, got it approved by the resort and started having the kids make s’mores with their parents during the sunsets over the harbor. It was an instant hit.

However he still faced challenges.  Potalivo was running out of good sticks in the woods to use as marshmallow sticks and the Graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow waste was an issue if it was a slow night. Those items only came in boxes and big bags, so if you open them you must use them or they’re stale. 

So Potalivo perfected his company, “S’mores 2 Go” and “The Marshmallow Stick” .  The Marshmallow Stick is 32-inches in length and offers ideal marshmallow and is clean, safe, child friendly and 100% white birch.  Paired with a convenient grab and go smores kit the “S’mores 2 Go” product includes everything that is needed for two delicious S’more sandwiches.



Client Spotlight: Diva Pops!

Orlando, FL:  On a family outing in November 2013 at a community event in Atlanta, GA is where the inspiration to start this company began.   The event was donating food for the homeless for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  One of the contest at the event was a “Popsicle Eating” contest and promoters made it aware that the popsicles were made with all-natural ingredients.  The owners tried the all-natural popsicles and were very impressed with the taste and the concept.  They were so impressed with the health and nutritional value of the popsicles they decided to start Diva Pops!  

The company’s mission is to promote proper nutrition and a healthy snack alternative while having a great mouthwatering experience doing so.  They use fresh locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs, organic cane sugar and non-dairy milks (Almond, Soy, and Coconut).  All pops are “Vegan-Friendly.”  Diva Pops prides themselves on never using any artificial flavorings, colorings, or preservatives in their pops.

All of Diva Pop’s popsicles are handcrafted from scratch and made in small batches.

Check out their website!

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