Our Mission

It has been and will always be our mission at Your Pro Kitchen to provide all of the resources that culinary entrepreneurs need to build and operate the business of their dreams.

The Problem

If you want to start a food business, you’ll need a commercial kitchen. State & local laws require that all food prepared for sale to the public must be prepared or produced at a commercially licensed kitchen. Unfortunately, the cost of setting up a licensed commercial kitchen is a huge obstacle to many food entrepreneurs. This is an expense that most folks are not prepared for or do not have the knowledge of designing a kitchen which will pass inspection.

Our Solution

That is why Your Pro Kitchen has opened our doors across the country to your business. Your Pro Kitchen offers professionally-equipped, commercially licensed multi-station kitchen facilities for professional cooking and baking. In addition, we are flexible enough to support many different uses, such as cooking classes, private events, and the production of bottling your products.



Don’t Just Take it From Us

“When we moved to Florida from NYC in 2009, we considered expanding our small gourmet dessert business and seeing where it could take us. We searched for commercial rental kitchen space and found Your Pro Kitchen. We had a lot of questions, and Cindy Pickering, the owner, was very kind and supportive, and she had all the information we needed, right at her fingertips. We had called several state agencies with questions about permits, licensing, etc; but kept getting different answers from the various organizations and it was quite confusing. Cindy made it so simple and easy to get started, because she had done all of the research for us!
Once we signed on, we fell in love with the place. Everything was right there at our fingertips, and it allowed us to devote the time needed to developing new products and deciding which direction we wanted to go with our company. We highly recommend consulting with Cindy before committing to a business format, because, when it comes to the food production business, she has tons of experience and lots of great ideas to help you along the way. Now it is six years later, and we’re always telling people that we never could have become the thriving dessert bakery we are, if it hadn’t been for Cindy and Your Pro Kitchen.”
– Stephen and Joe of Joey Biscotti Bakery

Don’t put your dreams of starting a culinary business on the back-burner because you don’t have a commercial kitchen.

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