Client Spotlight: Naturally Loriel

Tampa, FL:  Loriel is founder and owner of Naturally Loriel and Naturally Free blends.  She got her start as a natural bloggers.  On her site she shares her experiences towards taking steps to living a more natural life.  Loriel thrives on sharing her stories through words and photographs.

July 2015, Loriel launched her Naturally Free Blends sold in her Naturally Free Shop.  They are handcrafted… fresh and made with real ingredients.  All of the blends were created with fresh, delicious, organic and non-irradiated spices.  The best part is all of Naturally Free’s ingredients contain 100% real spices that you can find in your spice cabinet.

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Client Spotlight: Wikid Watermelon

Lutz, FL:  Steve Stallone and his wife Chelsea started their company, Wikid Watermelon in January 2015.  Stallone’s passion in the kitchen started 2003.  During that time, he worked at two popular chain restaurants while attending culinary school.  It was at this time, residents, co-workers, and other people started noticing his creative buffets and décor with fruit. His passion is creating unique watermelon masterpieces for the Tampa Bay area to enjoy.

The couple offers custom watermelon kegs and carvings for holidays, events and parties.

Check out their wikid creations!

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Client Spotlight: Cake Cuties Bakery

Tampa, FL:  Cake Cuties Bakery is a locally owned and operated bakery serving the Tampa Bay area. Owner and founder Botija Zephir Rodriguez has been baking for over 20 years. She is a cake artist and a master baker who creates amazing works of art through confections with the taste of home. She opened Cake Cuties a little over a year ago. Everything made is Individually designed and deliciously beautiful. Cake Cuties Bakery offers a wide variety of custom cakes, cake pops, and cookies. They specialize in customization and boast to be one of the only bakeries in Tampa to offer gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and vegan option for most of there products. They are currently the only bakery in Tampa offering beignets. All confections are made from scratch with fresh ingredients and baked in small handmade quantities using only premium butter, pure cream and fresh fruits. No margarine, premixes, or preservatives are used in there products to ensure product consistency and great tasting bakery items.

Try her delicious pastries, cookies, cakes, and oh so delicious pies!

cakecutiesbakery nowopen

Client Spotlight: East Coast Catering

Largo, FL:  Chris Hinkle, Owner of East Cost Catering, LLC, has always had a flair for food. He began in the food service industry with his first job after having spent years helping his mother prepare delicious meals. Hinkle gained experience in various kitchens, learning all aspects of food preparation and meal planning.  His drive to serve excellent dishes, along with his entrepreneurial spirit, led him to create East Coast Catering.

East Coast Catering specializes in creating gourmet delights to please any palate.  Hinkle will plan, prepare and deliver all your meal needs for your business.  In addition, he can provide catering services for any event, large or small.

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Meet YOUR team: Plano, TX

Plano, TX:  Kevin and Renee both grew up in West Texas. Kevin went to Angelo State University and Renee went to Texas A&M and comes from a long line of “Fightin’ Texas Aggies.”  Like a modern day Brady Bunch, Kevin and Renee have six children combined and their family time always revolves around food and mealtime. Hosting and helping at large food events involving non profit organizations and company functions is a common occurrence for them.

Kevin and Renee’s shared passion is with all things food and entertaining. They love to go to local restaurants, food pairings, and farmer’s markets and are always looking for local foodies to interact with and new food ideas to incorporate into their own home cooking.  Renee has been baking cookies since before she could read and Kevin is also known as the “grillmaster”.  They have been looking for a way to combine their love of all things food with their desire to help other people and stumbled across Your Pro Kitchen.  This venture was the perfect match for them. Just like peas and carrots…. They couldn’t be more excited about helping others build their dreams into reality and feel humbled to be able to provide a venue to aid in their customer’s success.

Their Plano, Texas Your Pro Kitchen Franchise will open Fall 2015.