Client Spotlight: La Cocina de Myrna

Bread and cheese

Largo, FL: La Cocina de Myrna Inc. bakes artisan bread with no preservatives, cupcakes and custom cakes for all occasions.  Their recipes are made from scratch and they use the freshest ingredients on the market.

La Cocina de Myrna provides services to customers for their weddings, sweet sixteens, birthdays and showers. For these special events, they deliver their handmade products to their customers.

Myrna Sanabria Lopez and her husband Jorge Alameda co-own the business.  Chef Myrna has been in business for more than 3 years, but baking for 10 years. Her original business name was Myrna’s Heavenly Delights, but it was recently changed to La Cocina de Myrna Inc. to provide a wider range of services including baking artisanal bread.

La Cocina de Myrna Inc. began on October 1st, 2015.  Chef Myrna, the head baker, calls herself a “homemade chef” because she never studied in culinary school.  Instead, she gained all her knowledge over the years with lots of trial and error.  Cooking and baking have always been Chef Myrna’s passion. She started to gain interest in cooking and baking at a young age, watching her mother who worked in a restaurant. When she was in high school, she followed in her mother’s footsteps, working in a restaurant as well. When she moved to Florida, she started taking baking and cake decorating classes.  Over time she continued improving her skills to include the latest trends in the market.  What started as a hobby, quickly became a business, La Cocina de Myrna Inc.

Find more information about La Cocina de Myrna Inc. on their website here or their Facebook page here


Pink Cake

Pink Cake with Crown


Chef Myrna

Frozen cake

Frozen Cake

Cupcakes and cakes

15th birthday cake

white cake

Gift Box shaped cake

Client Spotlight: Trixie Treats for Dogs

Trixie Treat bags sm

Tampa, FL: Trixie Treats was born in a dog park. Owners Jayne Cabigas and Abbey Pritchett met at the water bowls, as their dogs Skippy and Roy were playing, and an idea became a company. They love their dogs and some might even think they are crazy dog ladies, but they want the best for their furry family and yours.

Trixie Treats for Dogs are made with ingredients dogs love and nutrients they need. Every cookie is made by hand in small batches with top quality food and organic grains and seeds. The main grains in the cookies are organic brown rice, oatmeal, flax and chia seeds to add extra protein and Omega 3s for brain health. No wheat, corn, soy or animal byproducts are used in Trixie Treats, so they are great for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Because they care about your dog’s health and safety, Trixie Treats are baked in the professionally inspected Your Pro Kitchen and sealed in FDA food-safe packaging.

Visit them on their website here and find them on Facebook here!

Trixie Treats for Dogs

Roy Doggity Dog Treats. Buy them here.

Trixie Treat owners

Owners Jayne Cabigas and Abbey Pritchett

Trixie Treats for Dogs2

Owners Jayne Cabigas and Abbey Pritchett hard at work in the Tampa Your Pro Kitchen!


Client Spotlight: Elemental Chef

Elemental Chef 2

Elemental Chef 2

Orlando, FL: Fresh Meals. Chef Prepared. Delivered to You

Elemental Chef is a private Chef and catering company based in Orlando. They have recently launched a new meal delivery service providing customers with clean, all-natural, and organic meal options prepared by professional chefs. Elemental Chef provides a high quality meal solution for busy professionals, the fitness community, or anyone who wants to eat healthy and easy.  Simply order online or contact them for personalized meals, and a refrigerated meal will be delivered to your home or work.  Just heat and eat!

Find them on their website or facebook!


Elemental Chef 3Elemental Chef

Client Spotlight: The Nourished Spoon

Client Spotlight-The Nourished Spoon

Orlando, FL:  Kelli Ehrhard, Owner and Founder of The Nourished Spoon knows first hand how time consuming it is to make everything from scratch and how frustrating it is to go looking for truly healthy food that actually tastes good. That’s the reason her goal is to simplify lives by providing snacks, meals, and desserts that have the taste of comfort food and the integrity of only the finest nourishing ingredients.  The company is proud to be able to say that every menu item is gluten free, grain free and made without refined sugars.

The Nourished Spoon The Nourished Spoon The Nourished Spoon The Nourished Spoon