Client Spotlight – Cakes by Christal

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Orlando, FL – Cakes by Christal was started in February 2014.  The business owner, Christal Chambers, was inspired by her 8 year old daughter to begin decorating custom cakes after she had shown her YouTube videos of some of her favorites.  Encouraged by her husband to take the Wilton classes, she is now a licensed baker working out of Your Pro Kitchen Orlando.

All Cakes by Christal are made from scratch and are unique designs.  Her specialties are her Banana Pudding Cake, Cheesecake, and Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing.

Check her out on her Facebook here!

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Client Spotlight: SAAP Kitchen

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Plano,TX: SAAP Kitchen is a family-owned business united with a passion to create happiness through food.  Although the skill level of the members varies, they all share the same love for Lao cuisine.  According to SAAP Kitchen, “It brings us immense satisfaction when we see people truly enjoying our culinary creations”.

SAAP Kitchen shares their culinary love through pictures and videos that they post to their social media outlets and through the underground dinners that they host at Your Pro Kitchen.  Come join their journey!

SAAP Kitchen’s Facebook page can be found here and their Instagram can be found here.


Client Spotlight: Oh-Pressed


New client Krisy with Oh-Pressed got her permit this morning! She’s pictured here with DBPR Inspector Steve, who was working with her today.

Oh Pressed

Oh-Pressed will be selling nitro coffee and pressed pastries from her brand new food truck!  Find out more about her business on her website here and on her Facebook page here.

Client Spotlight: Kaixo Gourmet


Lutz/Wesley Chapel, FL: Kaixo Gourmet is a brand new food truck working out of Your Pro Kitchen Lutz.  The owners recently moved here from Basque Country (North of Spain) in December.  While the food truck just started in May 2016, the owners have 20 years of culinary experience.









What is Basque cuisine?

The gastronomy of Basque Country is one of the most famous in the world, but it is more than a kind of food, it is a philosophy.  Kaixo Gourmet makes all of their dishes fresh and from scratch using local and organic products.  By combining these techniques with Basque food culture, Kaixo has created Basque fusion cuisine.










Kaixo Gourmet Specialties

One of the most common dishes in Basque Country are pintxos, small plates or finger foods.  These are Kaixo Gourmet’s specialties with their most popular being their prosciutto croquettes, bravas potatoes and pork tenderloin sandwiches.

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Find out more

More information about Kaixo Gourmet can be found on their website, here and on their facebook page here.

Slate Door Brew

Slate Door Brew

We’re proud to announce that Kelly with Slate door brew has out grown Your Pro Kitchen and now has her own place at 169 Doctor M.L.K. Jr St N, St. Petersburg, FL!

Find out more about this company on their website here, or their Facebook here.

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