Client’s in the Spotlight: Key’s Teas

Keys Teas

Orlando, FL:  Key’s Teas boasts that natural healing IS still possible!  The company began when Keywa’s daughter Saniyah was a 1-year old sick from daycare with various ailments from a stomach virus to a cold and runny nose.  Keywa believed in the power of improving and maintaining our health by harnessing the power of the gems provided by Mother Nature. Within just 24 hours of mixing up her tea she noticed her daughter’s symptoms disappearing.  She wanted to share this natural wellness with the world.

There are four different types of tea’s filled with natural ingredients with healing power. “I’m Immune, Kold Kicker, Throat Coat and Tummy Tamer.

Order Key’s Teas Here!

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Client’s in the Spotlight: The Chill Dill

The Chill Dill Client Spotlight

Lutz, FL:  Over lunch in Tampa, three lifelong friends discovered that the pickles on their plates lacked flair. Those bland, limp garnishes sparked an intense conversation about how to reinvent the perfect pickle.  They believed pickles should pop!  Within days, they were in the kitchen, experimenting with the freshest ingredients until they came up with the perfect recipe.

Today, those three friends offer several recipes.  The Totally Original “OG”Chill Dill Pickles, Gnarly Garlic, Seriously Spicy and Kickin Carrots.  Order today by clicking the link below.

The Chill Dill Website


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Welcome to Your Kitchen: The Sweet Tooth Cakery

New Client-Sweet Tooth Tampa

Tampa, FL:  Your Pro Kitchen would like to welcome our newest client The Sweet Tooth Cakery to our Tampa store!

Pamela Wethers (pictured below) founded The Sweet Tooth Cakery in early 2011.  Her “hobby” quickly turned into a thriving business based on the principles of quality, “cakemanship” and service.  She’s a firm believer in making the imaginable come true and always recommends dessert first, dinner later.

The Sweet Tooth Cakery pursues the craft of custom cakes and baked goodness. We believe in sweet reality, beautiful displays and memorable moments.  To us, it’s more than just cake.  It’s the perfect accompaniment to your celebration or milestone.  Our wish is a perfect cake, every time.


Client’s in the Spotlight: Coeurisma™


Largo, FL:  Coeurisma™ was designed by it’s owners especially for health conscious consumers who want to improve their personal health and are looking for new ways to increase healthy fats in their diet, namely coconut oil.  Owners say Coeurisma™ is the answer as it delivers this amazing healthy saturated fat in a convenient flexible pouch.  Unlike other saturated fats, coconut oil is not stored in the body. It is easily digested and immediately burned for energy, like carbohydrates. But carbohydrates have their limitations — namely, the insulin spike and storage of fat in our bodies. With Coeurisma™ you effectively “use it or lose it”!  Try Organic Coeurisma™ Extra Virgin Coconut Oil or Tillie’s Organic Dark Chocolate Coconut Oil inspired by the owner’s Mother “Tillie” and her passion for dark chocolate!

Interested in learning more or ordering?  They make deliveries.  Log on.

Click Here! Coeurisma™ Website

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Client’s in the Spotlight: Juicelation

Juiecelation bottle copy

Naples, FL:  Juicelation is defined by it’s owners as the state of utmost happiness one feels when completely nourishing the body through juicing. Owners of the company Sebastian and Zan work out of the Naples Your Pro Kitchen and believe modern food sources are not capable of supplying the body with the essential nutrients necessary for good, long-lasting health. Their beliefs that we are overfed, but undernourished led to the start of their company a little over a year ago.  Owners say Juicelation provides the body with nutrients lacking from the standard American diet (SAD) through locally sourced and organic cold-pressed juices. Their goal is to extend the life and improve the health of all of their customers by giving the suggested servings daily which can be extremely difficult to get in an ordinary diet.

Interested in learning more or ordering some juice?  They make deliveries.  Log on.

Click Here! Juicelation’s Website

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