• Owner/Operator: Jon, Victoria, and William Lamb
  • Address: 9813 Suite B West Markham St Little Rock, AR 72205
    Please call for a tour of our kitchen
  • Phone: 501-413-0831
  • Email: little.rock@yourprokitchen.com

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2016-06-23 - Your Pro Kitchen Little Rock

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Jon Lamb attended the Central Arkansas Culinary School of Apprenticeships and has accumulated 24 years of experience in food preparation, banquets, and a la carte operations working in 4 star hotels, country clubs and leading restaurants. His passion lies with the culinary industry and giving back to the community.

Victoria Lamb graduated from the University of Central Arkansas and is currently working on an MBA from Harding University. She also has a passion for giving back to the community, as well as advancing local economic development.

William Lamb, now retired, saw Your Pro Kitchen as a great venture as it helps culinary professionals who have the skill and ability to succeed in the culinary world, but do not have a facility in which to make Food Service their life's work.

We are all excited to promote the opportunity that Your Pro Kitchen provides and to make Little Rock's culinary scene one of the finest in the world!

Thank you to Little Rock Soiree for this wonderful piece on the kitchen! Click here to read the article!