Client Spotlight: Twisted Fork

Naples, FL:  Founders of the Twisted Fork believe that life can be better every single day through small choices made toward a healthier lifestyle.  The company makes delicious food that’s convenient and customized for all taste buds and lifestyles.  They cater to everyone no matter the concern: weight loss, kids, athletic performance, dietary limitations, illness or pregnancy, the company’s promise is to cater to YOU!  Ordering from Twisted Fork is a simple way to give your body the nutrients you need to live your best life.

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Client Spotlight: Buck Naked Salsa and Spice

Naples, FL: Owners at Buck Naked Salsa and Spice™ pride themselves on selling the world’s finest fresh salsas. They also offer a line of fresh guacamoles, gourmet sauces and spreads as well as aromatic and flavorful spice rubs. Owners use locally sourced ingredients from Southwest Florida. Products are completely free of added harmful preservatives, chemical additives, gluten, and man-made ingredients of any kind.

Their mission is to improve the lives of their customers by combining fresh local ingredients and amazing nutrition with great taste and freshness! Customers will never find any ingredient that can’t be pronounced on the labels. All products are made with 100% natural ingredients the way Mother Nature intended!

Try their salsa today!

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Meet YOUR team: Naples

Naples, FL:  Jasen and Kelly Livingston started their adventure with Your Pro Kitchen in the Spring of 2012.  The couple owned a baking business called “Kelly Kakes” and needed  a kitchen to use for custom orders.  After meeting with several restaurants that would allow the two to use their kitchen “after hours” at a high price, they started contemplating the idea of a shared kitchen.  Then the Livingstons’ found Cindy Pickering.   Pickering wanted to expand her company, Your Pro Kitchen, and the couple knew it would be a great fit from the beginning.  The Livingstons’ opened the Naples Your Pro Kitchen in October of 2013 and now share the kitchen with 30 clients.

When not in the kitchen the two are at the ballet studio with their daughter, Annagayle, or at the basketball court with their son, J.J.

Client Spotlight: Saratoga Veggie Burger

Naples, FL:  Chef, Scott Beale is a recognizable face to Naples locals, New Yorkers and anyone who loves a good food show. He’s been featured on Food Network in chef competitions.  His business Saratoga Veggie Burgers features what the company says is the “The Only Original Saratoga Veggie Burger.”

His veggies burgers are gluten free, vegan and low in fat made with gluten free organic red quinoa.  The veggie burgers are made by hand with only pure organic ingredients.

Order it now online!

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