We know you’re bursting with questions so we’ve collected several that our prospective and current clients have asked us.

What do I need to get started with Your Pro Kitchen?
Nothing but YOU and a good idea for a food business. We’ll help you with the rest.
What are the requirements for using Your Pro Kitchen?

You must have the following in order to use our Shared Kitchen Facilities:

  • Approved Your Pro Kitchen application
  • Your company’s legal business documents
  • Your company’s business card
  • A current Manager Food Safety Certification
    (ask us about our next food safety class & exam)
  • A copy of your insurance policy listing Your Pro Kitchen as additional insured
  • A signed 6 month lease with 8 hour per month minimum use
  • A current Food Permit issued by the state
    (we have the forms & we can help you with this process)

We make it simple for you. You could get your permit and have your business up and running in as little as three days. Find out how!

How much does it cost to use the kitchen?
Check out our What we charge page for complete up to date Pricing for leasing kitchen time.
Can’t I just operate my business under Cottage Law?

You could but there are SEVERAL restrictions involved in this law, the most limiting being that the food you produce must be incapable of spoilage. For most bakers, this prevents cupcakes and cakes of any sort, since the frostings are dairy based.

There are also very specific limits to how you’re able to sell your products: no online selling, no wholesale or resale options. Your Pro Kitchen allows you to operate your business LEGALLY in your state.

You can find the full text and details about the Florida Cottage Act here and the Arkansas Cottage Act here